Andrea Jenni's performances are composed of playful, humorous vignettes, which are initially inspired by everyday situations. She is drawn to flashy, pop, fashionable imagery and characters who are often at odds with themselves, eager to be seen but are simultaneously hiding. 

She structures her choreography by starting with geometric patterns and having them evolve into emotions on stage.  Within this structure she inserts costumes and pop music to create a mainstream context for movement to unfold in.


She has been very pleased to collaborate in the past with choreographer and dancer Dominique Richards, Meredith Bove and visual artist Christian Burnoski.


After graduating from the Salzburg Academy of Dance she has worked with various choreographers like Willi Donner, Kirstin Burger, Nancy Banfi, Neta Shlain, Jassica Jobaris, Monique Kröpfli and Ewa Bankovska and has shown her own work at several platforms and festivals u.a. Tanzfaktor Interregio, Tanzbad, ada, LaborGras and Tanztage Berlin.  Andrea Jenni works and lives in Berlin and Switzerland.




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